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Bestdealinsurance provide a free price and product comparison service using research on Australia's leading Life insurance companies from the quote information you request online or over the telephone.

The comparison system will show us a list of Life insurance companies which have the product you are interested in, a quote of the price they will charge you and where available how well the product rates on the research system at the time of your request or for multiple products, the product package inclusions.

We may choose to offer you this service by email, phone or post. Where only one or a limited number of companies offer the insurance you are intersted in, we will only provide you with information relating to these companies. Please note that we do not compare prices from all companies in the market and you can view a list of companies that we do under our page "companies we deal with".

We will be available by telephone to answer any questions you have on the company, product or price.

This is a free service at no cost or obligation to you

Important Information*

As we don't know your personal circumstances we can only provide you with Life insurance product comparisons based on the information you provide us e.g. your age, sex, smoker status, occupation and the type and amount of cover you request. We will not offer you advice on the suitability and merits of any insurance product to your personal circumstances, objectives or needs. Because we don't know your financial needs, we can't advise if this insurance will suit you. You should consider your needs and read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision to buy the insurance.

Bestdealinsurance will also provide full Product Disclosure Statements. Before buying any insurance product we recommend that you read the product disclosure statements fully. We will be available to answer any product related questions you have.

Before deciding to buy any product through Best Deal Insurance we are required to provide you with:

1. A copy of our Financial Services Guide, detailing our services;
2. The Product Disclosure Statements of the product or products you wish to purchase;
3. A copy of our General Advice Disclaimer & to confirm that you understand Your Duty of Disclosure

If you are seeking more detailed advice on the types and amounts of cover that are appropriate for your personal circumstances we recommend that you seek advice from a Financial Adviser who can provide a full advice service or we can refer you to one if you require this.

We also cannot advise you on the merits of switching products other than to provide you with a comparison of premiums. Before switching any insurance product we recommend that you obtain advice before making a final decision.

If you decide to buy a Life insurance product, we will complete the application with you over the phone and look after your application through to completion.

Please note that most Life insurance products are subject to underwriting by the relevant insurance company based on your health, occupation and lifestyle details.

Quotes cannot be guaranteed because occasionally the insurance company may decide to offer you alternative terms if they believe there is a greater risk to them because of your personal health, occupation or lifestyle.

If you are offered alternative terms by an insurance company, Bestdealinsurance guarantee to check with other insurance companies to see if they would offer similar terms. Regardless of whether we can or cannot find another insurance company who may offer better terms we will advise you of, and discuss, any alternative terms with you before you make any final decisions to proceed with an insurance product.

To read our full service Terms and Conditions please click here and if you have any questions please call us on 1300 061 733.

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